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I don't know where to start! If what I have written on Disclosure is bewildering to some people, this is probably going to be more so. The world is becoming certifiably insane. I would like to believe I am not one of those who ought to be certified, but clearly it is risky to speak out in today's world. So, caution to the winds, I would like to address gender but I should probably preface this with some sort of disclaimer about being the last person in the world who should attempt such a post.

However, since every journey begins with a first step, I will put one toe in the water and say that every owner of an herb company with whom I have ever spoken has said that their best selling lines are those having to do with the health of the reproductive system. I don't have such a line. Well, I have a few products but not a line of products.

It is possible that our presstitute media are either exaggerating or sensationalizing the transgender issue, but apparently there is a stampede going on with the younger generation. Sometimes, it is not a misfortune to have white hair!

Today, I will try to cover the gamut from evolution of reproductive system to differentiation of the sexes to hermaphrodites to "normal" to androgynous, and I have no illusions at all about how controversial, mind boggling, and sensitive this essay is going to be. I want to write it anyway because I think there is a void that can be at least partially addressed by adding my two cents.

If we believe the esoteric literature — and there is abundant reason for trusting at least some of it — we humans first came to Earth on an involutionary cycle. Defining some terms may be useful. Most of us have at least some grasp of what evolution means, but many have never thought of involution. Try to wrap your mind around the idea of descending from a divine realm through a process of precipitation in which there was originally no density at all. Only gradually did people create forms. I have tried to prepare you for this idea by referencing some incidents from my long and wonderful association with Morrnah Simeona. First, there is the issue of the aura and its size. Second, there was the much more intriguing issue of its flexibility, and I have mentioned that others would come to me and ask how tall Morrnah was. One day, I finally asked her and she said to tell them that she weighs 165 pounds and the rest is completely variable, implying that she could change her appearance but not perhaps the ratio between subtle and dense material.

According to my studies, this would have placed her on the late Lemurian stage of the involutionary cycle. I sometimes complained to her that just as she was aware that I was out of touch with my Lemurian heritage — which was 100% true — I sometimes felt she did not understand my mind. The relevant teaching was that there were seven stages, the fourth started after Lemuria and included the end of the involutionary cycle and the long ascent of the evolutionary phase. I am not asking anyone to accept this at face value. I am simply creating a stage with some sets so we can fill in the dramatic components. If we can imagine a graph that has a descent, a curve at the bottom, and then an ascent, Morrnah and I would have been absolute equals if a horizontal line went from the involutionary curve to the evolutionary curve. I am not saying we were equals in all ways, merely that she, in my estimation, had not gone all the way down into density whereas I am beginning to escape density. There is absolutely no right or wrong here, no better or worse, just perceptions that are based on our windows. She was very much more aware of history than I ever was and I might have been somewhat clearer in my articulation but even that is debatable.

The point really is that there were races before the Lemurian that were completely lacking density, meaning, of course, we are never going to find any skeletal proof. Around the middle of Lemurian times, there was a decision to try to speed up the process and this was to be partly achieved by internalizing awareness so as to develop mind and conscience. To make this happen, something had to be sacrificed and what was sacrificed was part of our spiritual awareness, including the antennae we once had. In short, the little green beings with antennae were not necessarily from another planet or even another dimension. They might have been, but they could also have been our distant ancestors prior to what was called the division of sexes. As with any process, the initial divisions were not totally distinct. Some people could still clone themselves by exuding ectoplasm from the splenic region and some people began to feel that they were more male and some felt they were more female. After eons of time, procreation came to depend on one male and one female. Obviously, similar processes must have occurred in much of the animal and even the plant kingdom — because we are all one big Earth family who are experiencing involution and evolution. That said, we can still find remnants of the earlier types, such as reproduction through budding or asexual reproduction that is more or less the equivalent of cloning oneself.

This process was very painful for a number of reasons. First of all, we forfeited some of our awareness of our origins, of our relationship to the Creator, and of our immortality. It is because of this that sex and death came to be related, all, of course, brought into maximum focus in the sign of Scorpio. Then, for eons, our uniqueness has been passed along through our genetics and offspring. I do not believe that Christendom was the only place where chaos and confusion have reigned. We have the various spins on the Garden of Eden story, but there are many parts of the world where those who sought spiritual insight forfeited sexual expression so as to feel closer to God. Unfortunately, this does not always have the desired outcome nor does the "eat, drink, and be merry" advice lead to Nirvana. We are actually lost, desperately lost.

Humans take a long time to grow up so social regulators try to make rules and these vary enormously from culture to culture and epoch to epoch. For instance, there are Pacific Island cultures where children were basically grouped. Let us say there were three mothers, each with three children aged 5, 7, and 9. They might rearrange the households so that one mother ended up with all the five year olds and another with the seven year olds and you see the picture. Then, the children are called calabash cousins. Society might also severely regulate marriage and divorce so as to make sure children have parents or it may confiscate the children and make them all wards of the state where they can be indoctrinated. That is just part of the spectrum, but the chaos ought to be obvious.

So, we are in trouble, big trouble. There is more however. Each part of our subtle matrix alternates male and female. Let me make that as clear as possible. Our chakras, in my view, preexisted our physical bodies. They provide the capacity for specialization and then a matrix or scaffolding is built with etheric matter for constructing the physicality. Due to a lot of meddling, there are cases today, a staggering number of cases, where the gender at birth is unclear. One would think a simple chromosome test would resolve the questions, but there is sometimes ambiguity. There are also cases in which the sexual organs have not differentiated or developed. I personally believe this is partially, but not entirely, due to human activities than affect hormones, but it is actually much more complicated than this.

Well, decisions can be made by parents and physicians to decide on a gender but the child may or may not concur with the decision. This is however the tip of the iceberg. As I said, the chakras themselves alternate so let's say the first chakra spins clockwise. The second will then spin counterclockwise and have the opposite gender traits. The third will spin the same direction as the first and so on up until the sixth chakra which is a story in itself.

Now, let"s assume the biological gender is indisputable. The individual has the anatomical and chromosomal characteristics of one gender. Assume also that the secondary sexual characteristics are equally well defined and puberty arrives on schedule and the person is presumed to be fertile and perfectly capable of procreation. However, for one reason or another, the individual does not resonate with the body that seems normal to his/her parents and physician. Now, the question is whether this is a psychological or physical issue? As I mentioned, this might be as simple, not simple, but as simple, as viewing the world through a chakra that is spinning the reverse of the second one which is where gender is defined.

Now, I want to go back to Lemuria and address the crisis surrounding the division of the sexes. This was achieved by surrendering half of one's sexuality so as to be conscious so consciousness itself is very likely to be the opposite gender as the chromosomes. This is good and bad. It is good because ultimately we have to recover our wholeness which means that on the evolutionary path, we will ultimately become androgynous because we will not only recover what we lost, including our immortality, but we will be conscious to boot and able to create using consciousness thereby obviating the need for a partner with the opposite spinning patterns!

At this time, there are many advanced souls in incarnation. They are here to help us with the necessary changes, but our civilization just has to be confusing to conscious beings. I am not saying this explains the transgender epidemic. There is much more to the drama. Some gender issues are due to rejection or idolization. If one prefers one parent to the other, this may precipitate a desire to be more like the favored parent, regardless of gender. Our influences today are vast because nearly everyone is a movie addict and/or online. It means we can model our behavior and desires after just about any icon, including, it seems, robots since at least one person has applied for a marriage license to marry her robot fiancé. As stated, we are certifiably insane.

The more I delve into the artificial intelligence issues, the more concerned I am that we are on the same precipice as was the case on Vega. It is why I finally decided to tell these stories. Some people are comparing the present times to Atlantis, some to the conflicts detailed in the Sitchin works, some to geopolitical tensions that are simply playing out as usual. The problem, of course, is that we are not really mature enough to use our technological prowess wisely.

Okay, so back to gender. In my entire "second" career, spanning 45 years now, I have only had one client who was surgically transgendered and one who was psychologically reassigned. In both cases, I was acutely aware of intentional rejection of half of the whole. However, that is actually a biological reality for all of us, but it need not be a psychological reality. From a health perspective, I am 100% opposed to medical reassignment, but I want to give my reasons. I am not opposed if there is ambiguity, but let me tell a story.

As you realize, I have seen a lot of cancer patients and more breast cancer patients than any other type of cancer. One patient worked part time for me and read the file of the woman who underwent gender reassignment surgery. The file consisted of thousands of pages in three huge boxes so I had asked her to summarize what she found when plowing through the files. Basically, she said, "We spend hours every day trying to figure out how to heal breasts with malignancies and here is someone with two perfectly good breasts that she is lopping off." She was frankly horrified, in shock actually. The client wanted help with acne, a side effect of the testosterone treatments that were promoting the growth of a beard. There was another patient who had been prescribed testosterone on the idiotic assumption that testosterone might antidote estrogen. She said, "I don't know who I am any more. I feel like I should be riding a motorcycle and using vulgar language but that is not who I used to be."

Over the years, many people have suggested I tone down my rhetoric on hormones, but my feeling is that the chakras represent our incarnate intentions. They provide us the capacity to express who we are and their spin determines which hormones are secreted into our bloodstreams. So, if I use a word like "reprehensible" it barely cuts it with how I actually feel about tampering with this structure. On the level of our souls, everything was created with intent and wisdom. It is therefore better to seek insight into the reasons than to modify them simply because there is some fleeting passion to be more like someone or other who is presently in the headlines. Being a groupie can definitely have a significant downside.

Frankly, I have no idea who is in the headlines because I long ago ceased paying attention to mainstream media.

So, step one would be to disconnect which for countless young people would mean less time with their mobile devices. Step two would be to avoid — rigorously avoid — all hormone disruptors which means all hormonal drugs and probably all animal products that are not organic, including milk and cheese. It involves avoidance of plastics and probably certain foods.

I believe there are additional measures that one could take before making the decision to reidentify oneself. The first might be to find idols who represent exquisite expressions of gender. For example, let us say a female has a strong warrior streak and decides it would be suitable to be more masculine. I think we have fabulous examples of heroic women in our world today, people like Dr. Vandana Shiva and Dr. Cynthia McKinney. There are also many women in the arts whose influence is more than just artistic: singers, dancers, poets, actresses, psychics, authors, you name it. Likewise, there are men who are living or who have lived inspired and inspiring lives. I suppose I put people like Joseph Campbell on a pedestal, but Bill Moyers, Ron Paul, and many others have stood the test of time and can serve as worthy role models. Likewise, we have examples of men in the arts: poets, composers, architects, you name it.

Granted, some of these people are not the vintage sought by the young, but when I was young I wanted to know what I would become when I grew up and I knew for sure I did not want to be like either of my parents. I also could not really put any of my teachers on a pedestal, but there were people I read about whose lives inspired me. I loved St. Francis and Dr. Albert Schweizter but as the years rolled on, I realized I absolutely had to be myself. I am not a clone of anyone else and neither are you or others who might be reading this. So, the starting point is to find oneself. This is becoming increasingly difficult because of the massive attacks on our individuality and the desire, literally, I am afraid, to clone everyone to fit slots that robots are not yet able to fill. Sad to say, the mentality of those with power is psychopathic, and they are making a mess of our world.

In addition to deliberate effort to cultivate suitable role models, I would also take two different types of herbs. All hormones that not produced naturally as well as those that might be produced in excess are filtered by the liver. The body tries to get rid of them. So, to go back to square one, I could not figure out how to deal with the acne without also getting rid of the exogenous testosterone. The client decided to live with the acne and then asked about longevity because the life expectancy after gender reassignment surgery is not very predictable. It was assumed that the procedures would not only necessitate living within 30 minutes of a hospital familiar with the reassignment protocols but that years would probably be shaved off the life.

I felt these were high prices to pay. Besides, when I compared the before and after photographs, I was really sad because the woman looked electrifying, really exciting and interesting, whereas the man looked like a mousy librarian, very conventional looking and self-absorbed. That was interesting because "she" looked outgoing and fun and "he" looked dreary and egocentric.

Anyway, back to the herbs, we actually have no idea what would happen if we succeeded in detoxifying because we often do not know which feelings are our own and which are due to exotic substances that have gotten inside us. Ask any patient on serious medications and you will understand this statement. One possibility is therefore that detoxification will bring an end to certain fantasies about the mistakes God may have made when creating us. However, counterintuitive as it sounds, I would also suggest taking herbs that strengthen the biological identity because I think it is ultimately easier to be oneself than someone else. For women, this means taking an herb like shatavari because even though men can also take it, it tends to support women more than men. Men could take ashwagandha. I am not saying that everyone should give up the idea of changing genders, and I actually have no sociological objections to trying out different life costumes, but from the medical and psychological perspectives, I think changing genders, even without drugs or surgery, is a very difficult and confusing path. It goes without saying that intimacy would also be severely impacted IF one could even get beyond self enough to consider how to interact with another person, and this, in the age of addiction to technology, is becoming a bigger and bigger "If".

Sticky Wicket

There is one more major point to make. I have tried to explain how the rotation of the chakras determines "orientation" on a physical, emotional, and mental level, but there is a level beyond these where we begin to experience creativity and the influence of the soul. To most people, the influence is very distinct and therefore not simply detectable but important. However, mysteriously, this influence is always contrasexual. This may be a bit tricky to explain. Males refer to their muses, traditionally nine different muses, each with its own area of interest such as art, music, poetry, etc. The muse is perceived by males as outside the self so the muse is almost like a lover and can come and go, leading to times of prolific creativity and arid abysses in which the muse seems to have abandoned the man. For women, creativity is usually experienced as welling up from within or downpouring and the energy feels stimulating and masculine.

Now, if we think of professions or even hobbies or interests that are typically associated with women, we think of art, music, and poetry or even cooking, fashion design, interior decorating, etc., but the irony is that when we look for a famous artist, musician, poet, chef, designer, etc., it is most often a male, indicating that effeminate as the field may be, as compared to sports or military or even science, a man who is pulled to the arts tends to excel over women. I will propose that this is because males who create in this manner have, in a sense, got their yin and yang together, meaning that by partnering with their muse, they feel more complete as humans and they readily tap into areas that are patronized by women but dominated by men. They are also functioning, at least periodically, in higher chakras which means their scope is wider.

The converse is also true, when women are creative, it is often in an area that is normally dominated by men. Since there are fewer women than men who have had professions, we can look at mystics and find such people as Hildegard of Bingen, Helena P. Blatvasky, and all their counterparts in today's world. We can also study the tenacity of Marie Curie or even women in politics like Indira Gandhi or Sirimavo Bandaranaike.

Implied here is that as we ascend the evolutionary scale, we integrate some of the higher knowledge that we thought we had lost. With it comes a greater feeling of wholeness and much more awareness. Then, as mentioned, this is also creative. It appears however to be fragile and to be the target of attack by the very same psychopaths who are undermining society. We need to have full access to the higher chakras and the glands they regulate: the pituitary body and pineal gland. In my estimation, we will not merely recover our spiritual identity but also our wholeness, now defined as androgyny, and our immortality. Since we have no conventional means for determining where we are on the involutionary-evolutionary spectrum, we have no way of knowing this about anyone else either. Thus, I would suggest making every effort possible to become comfortable with the body and gender one has before trying to make major modifications. Speaking for myself, it is perfectly fine to allow both masculine and feminine traits some expression, preferably equal expression as I am not trying to fill a conventional role but rather a destiny. That said, I have a live and let live attitude towards others and tend to accept just about anything so long as the behavior does not harm anyone or anything.

I wrote this some days ago but am aware of the deluge, the holiday season, Mercury being retrograde, etc., but you can save the posts for later or only read the ones that interest you. Only two people wrote in response to my post about Arcturus . . . hum? The limb does feel fragile.

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