Tears for the Gulf

Posted to Subscribers on 22 June 2010


Response to Prof. Jensen


Dear Prof. Jensen,
Your openness to discussion is astonishing.  How on earth will you find the time?
I have 35-40 web sites and a subscription list where I have been expressing concerns, ideas, and deep psychological and spiritual issues. 
My temperament is quite fiery but when I move closer to my soul, the tears well up and eventually the pathos overwhelms.  Of course, this gives birth to compassion, but I truly believe the anger people are feeling is absolutely necessary at this time.  Moreover, it being summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I do not see the fires subsiding for months to come.
America has been comatose for decades, drugged by sugar, alcohol, numbing media, junk food, bogus medicine, and political vacuity.  You note I left out things like entheogens because I believe on some level that there is less illusion fogging some of those who have tried to alter perceptions in ways that are legally prohibited.  I am not one of those, but I believe the main reason for a war on drugs is that the CIA wants to eliminate competition.  The second reason is probably that they do not want people to awaken from slumber.  Were it otherwise, drugs would be legal and fluoride would be prohibited.
Okay, onto another topic.  It is clear to me that Soros-Obama were moving rigs south at least since August last year.  Tony Hayward and Goldman Sachs dumped shares in BP before the explosion so we've once again been conned, only this time the consequences are so sociopathic that no one can possibly sweep this under a rug.  Add to this that Halliburton acquired an oil clean up company before pouring the cement.
Like you, I am aware of our human impact on the Planet as well as the Bilderberg Group's intention to reduce population and the opinions of various scientists that the human race might become extinct within less than a century.  Unless the Planet is itself uninhabitable, I doubt we will all disappear, but then we have to examine the spiritual beliefs of the various "tribes" on this Planet.  If we look at the Gulf region, we see an intense Bible Belt with apocalyptic prophecies and blissful antidotes to Earth like rapture.  It's one way out of here, and very likely it is going to occur more or less as imagined for these believers.
Then, we have the Mayan prophecy tribe so there will be major turmoil and then a new cycle of human endeavor, still in third dimensional reality.  They are heading for the hills to meet the serpent in the Andes as he wriggles his way north through the Rockies and eventually to Alaska. 
Next, we have some Light Workers who are ready to ascend to the fourth dimension and this is also likely to lift a few people out of our range of normal vision.
Not far behind are the UFOlogists and star children who believe in worm holes and stargates and extraterrestrial intervention.  Some are going to slip out of here via a big hole and into a parallel universe, and some are going to another planet for reassignment because their work is done.  The rest are going to enjoy 1000 years of bliss under the divine leadership of beings from elsewhere.
There is, of course, a darker version of this colored by Nibiru phobia or beliefs that Dick Cheney has made some sinister pact with demonic aliens.  They have a lot to fear.  There is also a corporate variation involving colonies on Mars.  Take your pick.
This doesn't even cover the entire Western world much less the other hemispheres to the East and South.
India is wrapping up Kali Yuga and about to acquire not just a seat on the U.N. Security Council but prosperity and higher consciousness.  China will watch the west seal its doom.  Who knows, then the man in the blue turban appears?
There is no fix much less a one size fits all.  I personally believe we are heading for difficulty and then we will start living in harmony . . . after lots of challenges.
I didn't bring children into this world and do not suffer from the guilt of feeling that I contributed to a world that could be unable to support life for those I love; however, I have a conscience and am an environmentalist and I believe we have to overthrow concepts that have outlived their usefulness, including competition, national or international government, and the endless quest for money and power.  If the quest for power were completely eliminated, the world would become peaceful and secure.  The only way to terminate the quest for power is to cease to surrender our own.
Part of the population explosion can be attributed to unconscious fear of survival.  It's ironic but a plant goes to seed in a drought.  It is how it guarantees that if and when the rains return, its species will reestablish itself.  Our generation has been breeding chaotically and the primary structures that have sustained us in the past, such as family and community, are collapsing or have already collapsed.  We move where our jobs demand we live rather than where we have roots.  We worship promotions and pay raises so mightily that weeks go by without saying goodnight to our own children.  Is this world worth saving?
Anger is tricky.  Most people do not know how to channel it wisely.  They become angry, then volatile, then disruptive, then offensive, then reckless and destructive.  However, anger can be alchemical and transformative.  If good leadership emerges during this Gulf crisis, I think we might just bring some corruption to a halt and reorient, but this depends on the wisdom and preparation of those who seek to influence public behavior.
Personally, I am cautiously optimistic.  I am not naive as to the motivations of the elite or their chief pawn on Pennsylvania Avenue, but I believe the survival instinct is such that some people will recognize what is necessary and convince others to embrace the steps necessary to overcome the challenges, that is, of course, if they want to do this instead of rapturing away or ascending.
I'm not sure you were inviting this kind of dialogue but I have posted some emails to my subscribers and the responses cover an astonishing range.  What is most disheartening to me is that very few people feel responsible for making a difference.  There have been countless emails telling me not to worry because God only allows what He wants to happen.  It's frightening for me to hear people so out of touch with their own complicity and emptiness that they believe that everything that passes for choice is just God's will rather than human folly.
My belief is that this "is" about power and inevitable shift of power from ego to soul.  Therefore the only ascension I see happening is when ego is so distraught that it surrenders to soul and this is, in fact, the only way home but it doesn't necessarily get us a ticket off Earth, but, hey, maybe there are some nice beaches on Arcturus?
Ingrid Naiman

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