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Dear Subscribers,

Thanks for your many emails. It is very clear that countless people are tuned in to the Earth Mother channel and many have had visions similar to mine. I will try to share a bit more because it helps to entrain others into the rescue work occurring on the invisible level.

First, however, I want to share this link with you:

I stumbled on it while looking for something else. It resonated quite nicely with me so I sent it to a few others to get their input and many found it close to their own inner understanding.

Now, for the editorial. There is simply an immense amount of material on the leak and the ramifications of the leak so it takes a lot of discernment to assess the relevance of each perspective. This is an opportunity for people to work with both the right and left brain and to assess how vastly different the isolated perspectives of each are. The left can, in fact, take us through a journey of sobering realities to sinister speculations about horrific scenarios about to unfold. The right brain, working without the press or science has a completely different view, often one in which the angelic, devic, and even beneficent alien forces are working to draw humanity into alliance to solve this and the myriad of other problems facing those of us who are living on this Planet. Both perspectives are, of course, huge, but if you want to dichotomize, you can use the symbolism of capping from above or plugging from below as archetypal of the polarities we all grapple with in the world of duality.

What I saw in my vision was a fluidic situation under the sea floor so given the motility and pliability, anything is possible with a little energy alignment. One correspondent wrote this morning that it will take nine days to resolve this from inside. My experience is that it takes exactly as much time as the lessons. If we are quick studies, time moves faster. If we are slower to apply what we know, the delays translate into linear time in a way that the potential takes longer to manifest. In short, it's in our hands and our intensity as a group is what matters.

This is, of course, an emergency situation for dwellers in the ocean and residents of the Gulf region but the problem is global. If the leak is not contained, the ocean will become too contaminated to sustain life and the gases will render the air unfit to breathe. Moreover, even if the concentration of toxins is more pronounced in the Gulf of Mexico, there would be repercussions everywhere else. It must also be obvious that since the problem has a cause that has not been addressed, it could occur anywhere. Of the 39 blowouts in the Gulf of Mexico up to 2007, 18 occurred when cementing took place. No conclusions were drawn about the other incidents. That, unfortunately, is not a pretty picture. The situation in Nigeria is also disgusting but it involves Shell, not British Petroleum. Then, there are the egregious policies and actions of the oil companies in the Rain Forest. The only long-term solution would seem to be an international ecology council with a minimum of one-third of the votes belonging to representatives of indigenous peoples, those whose life styles have been most adversely impacted and those who have consistently retained the closest relationship to Nature. Again, there is a spectrum, so if we take Tony Hayward, CEO of BP, at his word (last year's word), the problem is that there are too many environmentalists interfering with the benefits sought by shareholders. If he repeated this today, the repercussions would be immense but unless we factor in where he was coming from before this crisis, we will neglect to solve the problem at its root.

The ecology council should have an additional one-third of votes coming from representatives of alternative technologies that can be evaluated from a number of angles, environmental safety, practicality, cost versus benefits, and long-term desirability. In short, they need to have a chance to present reasonable options that differ from those seeking approval. The last one-third of votes should be split 50-50, only one sixth going to scientists and representatives of corporations seeking approval and the other one sixth going to the representatives of the region most likely to be impacted by the corporation. These representatives would have the right to ask questions, demand suitable precautions and safety measures, and even to require insurance covering the environment and their life styles. Like all such groups, the process would be more cumbersome than now, but responsibilities would be shared and opportunities to assess would be adequate. To work, such a council would need to be free of the hamstrings of existing organizations such as the U.N., E.U., et al. I propose that the council be headquartered in Ecuador to honor its commitment to the environment since it was the first country to explore the rights of Nature in a constitutional manner. You can search for Pachamamma and see what comes up when you surf.

As matters stand today, Europe, which is heavily invested in BP, is lamenting the loss of value in pension funds. You might say BP and Halliburton are to European funds what Madoff was to American pension plans. To the extent that the unwitting victims are those whose retirement plans are being eviscerated, one can ask hard questions about the management of crisis. The fact that the press is more interested in debating the appropriateness of the latest Obama attempt to display emotion than in debating handling of the crisis suggests that those leaning towards the left are probably onto something. However, the bottom line is that it doesn't matter because the combined efforts of millions of people tuning into the turmoil beneath the ocean floor can shift the danger and in the process come to an awareness that the people are not powerless against either corporations or the governments bought by the corporations.

Being a healer, the incessant perils created by corporations and governments is getting tedious. Our Paradise is an ecological disaster and we will not be well until our Paradise is also healed. Let's get to work!

Many blessings,


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