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Posted to Subscribers on 13 May 2010


Dear Subscribers,

This will be brief because I think people need time to inhale, reflect, and then release the energy inside themselves, but something is happening. We could say that our prayers for the highest good are having an effect or that people are recognizing the limits of our ability to exploit without repercussions.

Here are a few videos. The first is from a very recent speech by a retiring member of the New Hampshire state legislature and refers to "astronauts" visiting from other parts of the Universe and briefings to this effect with President Eisenhower. He maintains that it was well understood that these beings posed no danger to Earth and he ends by thanking a rather long list of countries that have recently declassified all their files on "contacts" with extraterrestrials. Alas, this list does not include the U.S., but I watched some videos recently of British and Belgian files, but see for yourself. This is not jazzy, very grounded; and as a friend likes to say, even if only one report is valid, it is significant. In short, photos can be faked, people can be deceived, but if a single alien has actually reached here, we cannot write off the possibility that there are others yet to be noted.

The next video is a really down home production of what to do about the oil:

Obviously, it is a variation on the proposed use of hair and fur, but using a more abundant resource. Meanwhile, people from all over the world are donating hair and that proposal has gotten into mainstream media! I am not going to go to a place of doom and gloom, but obviously this is not a "spill" or a "leak" but the jugular. I think our Mother Earth is suffering mightily and perhaps we all need to listen to what She has to tell us?

I would not say that my inbox has been deluged because I think people are overwhelmed and brooding, trying to assess the ramifications of all that seems to be topsy turvy at the moment. There are those who think we have already turned the corner and those who think it is going to get worse. I suppose betting is always risky but if I were to choose one side or another, I think the momentum for rational behavior is gaining support, even among the most disconnected of our species.

The food debate is really heating up. Monsanto is introducing another evil corn and reports of sterility due to genetically modified food components are starting to appear. There is always a new issue and another and another, but it's hard to believe that the majority want more of the same?

What I would like to say is that reducing population growth through sneaky genetic manipulations that damage the reproductive system is not an acceptable approach to the problem because, for one, this result cannot be achieved without incomparable risk to health and longevity. It's an immense subject and will take some preparation to discuss. In the meantime, I do want to keep this short. There are some announcements coming up soon, not however today.

Many blessings,


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